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Craft Jewellers Warranty

At Craft Jewellers, we are dedicated to ensuring the quality and satisfaction of your jewellery. Our warranty provides you with peace of mind and support for your cherished pieces. Should you have any concerns about your jewellery, whether you purchased it from our online store, we are here to assist you. Please review the details below to understand how our warranty works.

Inspection and Assistance
If you have any concerns about your jewellery, whether you purchased it from our online store, we encourage you to get in touch. You can reach out to our dedicated Customer Care team at We will guide you through the next steps to address your specific needs.

Manufacturing Defects
In the rare event that your item is deemed to have a manufacturing defect, we will take care of it for you. Craft Jewellers will either repair or replace the item, ensuring that you have a piece that meets our high-quality standards.

Gemstone and Diamond Variations
At Craft Jewellers, we value transparency and aim to educate our customers about the unique characteristics of gemstones and diamonds. It's important to understand that both natural and lab-grown stones can exhibit inclusions, variations in color, size, shape, and other individual traits. Our team of gemmologists is here to discuss these characteristics with you during your consultation. Such attributes are not considered defects; instead, they are a testament to the individuality of your jewellery piece.

Handcrafted Excellence
Each piece of jewellery we create is a unique work of art. As a result, minor inconsistencies and irregularities in craftsmanship may occur. These variations are not considered defects but rather a part of the handcrafted charm of your jewellery.

Normal Wear and Tear
Jewellery is designed to be worn and enjoyed. Over time, it may naturally experience wear and tear due to everyday activities. Craft Jewellers does not provide a warranty for normal wear and tear or the loss of stones. If you believe your stone is loose, please bring your jewellery to us for inspection.

Theft and Loss
Please be aware that our warranty does not cover theft or loss. We strongly recommend that you secure appropriate insurance to protect your valuable items. For guidance on jewellery insurance, please contact us on